We are the enemies of boredom. We are the stirrers of the pond. We are a restless, seeking, non-complacent bunch. We decided we would like to make some changes.

The venue is Butler – bigger, whiter, less tunnel-like, and, well, new.

The day is Wednesday – Thursday became common, imitated, popular. Wednesday is the mid-point, the fulcrum, the hub, and, well, new.

And the feel is a touch different too. You’ll see. We still thirst for fun, of course, life has only gotten shorter since we left you last. But, you know, global crisis and all, things move on. And with that mind we’ve streamlined the night a little bit, slightly altered the flavour and basically made it better. A little less sugar, a little more spice. You’ll see.

In other words…


It’s the Trashcotheque Season Opener

DATASCENT (Budimpest)

FELONY FLATS (Herceg Novi)

TOBAMA (London)

The two Daniels from DATASCENT played the best set OF last season and brought the feckin’ house down, so we had no hesitation in bringing them back for our opener.

Trash regular Felony Venac needs no introduction – expect 130bpm mash-ups of the highest order.

And resident Tobama returns with his ever growing bag of sonic surprises.

Entry is free.
The pleasure is enormous.
The party ends when it ends.

Samo izvolite. Love to world.

Trash x0x0×0

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